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American Maintenance & Supplies, Inc is the leading provider of cleaning and janitorial services with an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity throughout Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas. American Maintenance & Supplies, Inc. specializes in office cleaning, hotel cleaning, specialty cleaning and school cleaning in Manhattan NYC, Hudson County NY, Bergen County NJ, Essex County NJ, Rockland County NY, Brooklyn NYC, Bronx NYC and Queens NYC.

American Maintenance & Supplies, Inc. can be found at 120 43rd St. . The following is offered: B2B Contractors, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, House Cleaning, Commercial Contractors, Window Cleaning, Facilities Management - In Union City there are 25 other B2B Contractors. An overview can be found here.


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  • Office cleaning

    Office cleaning has changed a lot within the last few years. Now, many building owners and managers are concerned with the health of the employees who work within the building, the environmental impact of the materials used for cleaning and the different forms of technology that professional cleaning companies are bringing to the table. Fortunately, American Maintenance & Supplies is ready to meet the ever-changing needs of building owners and managers with the dynamic service we’ve offered for more than five decades, updated to address the concerns that understandably preoccupy modern organizations. Building owners and managers have new expectations of their office cleaning services. Now, in addition to getting the building free of dirt and debris, cleaning services must use environmentally friendly products that do not contain harsh, harmful chemicals. Plus, they must use equipment that is safer for the environment by using less chemical and water, while at the same time optimizing productivity. As you know, green cleaning isn’t just the latest fad that building owners and are embracing, but instead it represents a gradual shift in thinking; the way that cleaning products and methods impact the environment is something that any modern cleaning company must consider. Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars due to employee sickness. Cold and flu season can have a major impact on your business’s bottom line. How can you stave off the inevitable absences from sick employees? Studies show that thoroughly sanitizing the work environment will result in healthier employees. Regularly scheduled office cleaning can stop germs in their tracks. American Maintenance & Supplies can assist building managers and owners in stopping the spread of common cold and flu viruses by focusing on your office’s hot spots. The average office building owner or manager doesn’t have access to the high-tech cleaning tools that can get the job done more quickly. American Maintenance & Supplies is fully equipped to thoroughly clean your office building from top to bottom; we have invested in the most up-to-date technology, ensuring that our team will meticulously and efficiently clean and sanitize your building in the shortest amount of time possible. They are fully trained in the both product usage and safety procedures, so you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done safely and well. Are you ready to take your office cleaning to the next level? Contact American Maintenance & Supplies today, and get a free estimate!

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  • Floor Cleaning

    Our maintenance program includes daily vacuuming of carpets and sweeping/mopping the floors. It also features periodically performing deeper cleaning, for example: Floors Stripping and waxing Scrubbing and refinishing Buffing/burnishing Carpets Carpet estraction Interim cleaning of traffic lanes Types of Floor Surfaces We Clean There are many types of flooring and floor coverings and we know the best procedures to clean and maintain them. Some of the floor types we service include: 1. Resilient floors include vinyl composition tile and sheet vinyl. This type of flooring consists of a porous material that is resistant to strong alkaline and solvents if cleaned up immediately. Cleaning services we offer for this flooring type are: Sealing and finishing Restorative (stripping) and salvage cleaning Preventative procedures Daily, routine and periodic floor maintenance programs 2. Stone floors include Marble, Granite, Travertine, Slate and Terrazzo. These types of stone floors need to be maintained regularly to preserve their appearance and prevent the grout from looking dirty. Each type of stone floor has its own cleaning and periodic maintenance requirements: Marble flooring can scratch easily and some acidic solutions may mar and damage them. It must be cleaned regularly and restored/refinished periodically. Granite is very hard, tough and durable, but stains easily if not sealed properly with a penetrating sealer. Travertine is composed of sedimentary stone with many holes, which are filled with a synthetic resin or cement based product. This stone requires a water-based coating specifically for natural stone. Slate comes in variations of black gray and green colors and include finishes like sand, rubbed and honed. Slate floors should be finished and sealants applied to keep its natural beauty preserved. Terrazzo is made of 30% Portland cement mixed with about 70% marble or granite chips. Terrazzo floors can be sealed with an impregnator sealer or finished with a topical product. 3. Wood flooring comes in a variety of types, such as solid wood strips, parquet, engineered and laminated wood. All require daily and periodic maintenance. Some are more durable and require less work to keep them looking great. For example, laminated wood is easy to clean, stain-resistant and long-lasting, if maintained regularly. 4. Concrete floor surfaces are some of the least expensive and require less upkeep than most other floor types. Concrete can be stained, stamped, stenciled, dyed, painted and polished. They should be cleaned daily, with a regular maintenance schedule. They can actually be power-washed and refinished. 5. Ceramic tile can be installed indoors or outdoors. They can be low-maintenance options as long as they are maintained daily, with periodic deeper cleaning (grout) and sealing. Contact Us to Learn How We Can Help Keep Your Office Floors Looking Great

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  • Carpet cleaning

    American Maintenance & Supplies Inc. is the best Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing service available. We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning packages designed to suit your office cleaning needs in the New York City and Northern New Jersey area. Deterioration of carpet fibers due to dirt and pollutants can end up costing you money in the long run. Our Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing package will help prevent the daily wear and tear that may result in premature replacement of your carpets, saving you countless dollars in the future. Our deep cleaning system uses steam, safe chemicals, and extraction that wash the dirt and pollutants from the carpet, leaving your carpets clean and dry to the touch. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

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  • Window washing

    Maintaining clean windows is extremely important for businesses because it presents to clients an impeccable image for both employees and consumers. American Maintenance & Supplies, Inc. offers various window washing solutions that will make your windows sparkle.

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  • Janitorial services

    American Maintenance & Supplies provides commercial cleaning services to all kinds of commercial buildings, like institutions (schools, hospitals, medical buildings, etc.), office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, factories and more. Our janitorial services include, but are not limited to, the following tasks: · Empty all trash receptacles · Shampoo carpets · Clean and sanitize restroom fixtures · Dust and polish furniture · Clean window blinds and horizontal surfaces · Vacuum carpets · Sweep and mop tile, wood and other hard surface flooring · Clean exterior and interior glass · Clean kitchen/break room, including fixtures and appliances · Clean air vents and ceiling fans Environmentally Friendly No longer is it acceptable to just clean and sanitize. Using “green” products is important to the sustainability of our planet. American Maintenance & Supplies uses only eco-friendly products on all of our cleaning projects. This not only helps the environment but is crucial to the health of the building occupants and visitors. We utilize products that still do a great job of cleaning and sanitizing, but do not contain harmful chemicals. We also use high-tech tools that can get the job done more quickly and thoroughly By using our green cleaning service that has committed to dispensing with many toxic chemicals, you can harbor a safer business environment for your employees and customers. Some cleaning products have been shown to contribute to eye, skin and respiratory irritation as well as asthma, allergic reactions, and with longer exposure even reproductive problems and cancer. Reducing chemicals from your cleaning approach can greatly reduce the potential for harm by minimizing everyone’s exposure through ingestion, inhalation and skin exposure. This results in healthier employees and customers. Why Choose American Maintenance & Supplies? We know you have choices when it comes to janitorial services in the New York City area. By choosing American Maintenance & Supplies, you will benefit from a high quality of professional service without having to hire and manage full-time staff. Outsourcing is the proven, cost-effective solution to ensure your facility benefits from the highest standard for clean. We offer a customized cleaning program tailored to your specific needs. We thoroughly inspect our work to make sure it’s complete and done to your satisfaction. Contact Us to Learn How We Can Help Keep Your Commercial Building Clean No matter what type of janitorial services your commercial building requires, American Maintenance & Supplies can help. We will gladly customize any of our services for your specific requirements. American Maintenance & Supplies, Inc. is proud to offer quality, reliable, trustworthy janitorial services in the greater New York City area (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens).

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  • Pest control

    American Maintenance & Supplies is an established company that provides a pest control service through a subsidiary. With its reputation for integrity and quality in the greater New Jersey area and New York City, previous clients recommended the company for further services. The company is dedicated to offer the best service in the protection and management of commercial buildings against different kinds of pests such as beetles, mosquitoes, bedbugs, flies, rats, ticks and the like. Adapting the best and well-integrated pest management, the staff of the company is able to provide the best pest control solutions for the building owners. We use an Integrated Pest Management approach to all projects. Along the presence of highly trained and competent individuals, they are able to apply the best pest control services. They were exposed to rigorous trainings by reputable institutions and the government. Their skills were tested in different fields of operations. The goal of the company is on meeting the complete satisfaction of clients. The feeling of confidence by clients know their site is treated correctly according to their issues is our goal. We also take price in meeting the needs of clients on eradicating the pest infestation. The customers are always on top of the priorities of the company. What We Can Do For You? Our company is trusted in offering the best pest control service for you. We perform pre-treatment and solutions that help prevent the manifestations of rodents and other pests. They are prevented from living and entering the structure. We have many years in the NYC area treating all kinds of commercial properties. With a guaranteed price quote and competitive prices of pest control solutions, we provide detailed workmanship. As mentioned, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Apart from it, other damages are stopped before they affect the structure. Plus, our clients can enjoy a peaceful mind from our warranties. You can be pleased to use our service and recommend us to others who have the same problem. The treatments are made available before building the structure. For residential and commercial properties, these investments are protected against the termites or pests that wreak havoc. American Maintenance & Supplies customizes a program that meets the budget of clients. The insects are controlled. The best thing about us is that we create a pest control program that is perfect for you. You can get for annual renewal of control service and pest inspection. Our aim as a company is to continue to develop the effective pest control solutions from outside and inside treatments. We are a trusted company that offers you the best pest control service that complement your needs! Contact us today for a FREE estimate. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

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  • Porter services

    American Maintenance is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Porter Services in the greater NYC area. Our specialized training for our janitorial staff is second to none, utilizing the most efficient and quality assured best practices for sustainable results. For each facility, we craft a customizable solution built around our clients needs in the New York City and Northern New Jersey areas. American Maintenance can provide expert metal polishing and stone finishing. We also possess the resources for full scale janitorial services, trash collection, disposal, and recycling. Our porter services for our customers include: Spotless cleaning of both floors and windows Restrooms maintenance throughout the typical work day Paper supply management and replenishment Full scale lobby maintenance Lighting Maintenance and replenishment Exterior building maintenance including trash, debris and snow removal Cafeteria and kitchen maintenance Maintain boiler rooms and facilities checks Contact us today for a FREE estimate. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

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  • Handyman Maintenance service

    Whether you are remodeling or building your new office space or residence in New York City or the greater New Jersey area you may find the need for Handyman Services. American Maintenance & Supplies Inc. is happy to help with a wide variety of Handyman Services. We also specialize in the removal of debris during pre and post construction work. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

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  • Facilities Concierge Service

    What is a Facilities Concierge Service? Whatever the challenge, we’ll help you resolve it with a creative solution. We are the ‘go-to’ company for your facility needs. If you don’t have the needed resource, we’ll either handle it for you or provide a referral to someone who can. When it comes to unusual requests, our clients have said, “Let’s call Arturo, he can handle something like this”. Here are some examples of Facilities Concierge Services we’ve provided to clients: Handyman Services – We hang pictures, fix sheet rock, paint, change light ballasts and bulbs. Plumbing – If the plumber can’t get there fast enough, give us a call. We can do simple repairs like changing a Sloan Valve on a urinal or changing out a broken toilet seat. Lighting – Lighting estimation for LED replacement. For one client we did an estimate for 4000 tubes for one site. We can handle the installation too. Junk removal of unused furniture, displays, etc that take up storage space. Purchase supplies – One client has us purchase supplies for projects as needed instead of going to the larger vendors. The larger vendors will normally take 3 trips just to give an estimate. For example, we’ve purchased a TV, stand and smart boards, and did the installation the same day. As you can see, no request is too large, too small, or too unusual. We’re the partner with the creative solutions you’ve been looking for! Give us a call today at 877-860-0004!

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